Mid-Michigan Weather Weekly School Closings / Delays Page

ABC 12 Closings   WNEM 5 Closings   For Breckenridge, Middleton, Marlette, Brown City and Area Schools
WOOD 8 Closings  For Newaygo and Area Schools
WLNS 6 Closings  For Lansing, Middleton and Area Schools
WTOL 11 Closings  For Blissfield, Jasper and Area Schools

Location Time Temp High Low Wind Speed Peak Bar Hum Dew Rain Storm Month Year

Updated: Thursday May 7,  7:00am.  Other than fog we should be done for the school year with school closings but if something pops up will update, i.e. massive severe weather threat...

Confidence Of Any 1 Of Mid Michigan Schools Seeing A Delay or Closing, These numbers to go up or down as storm or potential storms gets closer and is better known on its impacts to our area schools. Again also plan as if school is going to be in session. I will rarely use 10 and will not use 0 as Fog is a tough call during the spring and late fall months which makes forecasting a 0 a hard call at times. As a rule threats farther out in time will start low and increase or decrease as we near the possible event and as better confidence is realized.
0-1  Plan On It Kid,
2-3  Plan On It Kid, Well Maybe ?
4-5  Be Ready For School, But Listen To Your Radio or Watch Your Local TV Station
6-7  Good Chance For A Delay Or Closing But Still Plan On School, Ears Tuned In To Be Happy OR Bummed
8-9  OK Feel Most Likely No School !, Tell Parents To Wake You If You Have School, Then Say What The Heck If They Do!
10   While Almost Never 100%, Schools, Most Schools WILL NOT OPEN or WILL CLOSE, Not likely to see me use this
     number very often and when I do I would often expect multiple days without school. "Monster Storm"